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Dr. Hauschka

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Dr. Hauschka
Respect for the wisdom of your skin

Since Dr. Rudolf Hauschka examined in the 1920s by a process to manufacture medicinal products based on natural ingredients and without alcohol as a preservative, is growing in WALA enormous medicinal plants knowledge, drawn daily from the and is regularly extended. Working with medicinal plants featuring all three divisions WALA: WALA Medicines that Dr. Hauschka cosmetics and medical care products Dr.Hauschka Med.
Dr. Hauschka cosmetics helps your skin back specifically and holistically to their balance. Each product contains Excerpts of medicinal plants in a carefully developed composition. Even if every single ingredient has a meaning, but makes only the interaction in the recipe, the special quality. Equally holistic skin is considered: The strengthening and counter-balancing pulses, with which it is addressed, the entire organism share.
The whole cosmetics of Dr. Hauschka is certified with the BDIH seal for "Certified Natural Cosmetics" and / or the international label for natural and organic cosmetics "NATRUE". You can rest assured that no synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives are included.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Naturally beautiful. Effective maintained.

Your skin and you do not fit into rigid drawers. They need each voiced care concepts on different days and places, at certain seasons and in the various stages of life. When Dr. Hauschka therefore we speak of skin images that appear and disappear - instead of immutable skin types. For example, use the Quince Day Cream for normal skin on most days of the year and get to the Rose Day cream if your skin is sensitive.
The precious compositions of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care giving your skin the impulse to regenerate on its own. This also applies to the oil-free night care. Lets your skin breathe at night deep, open and use the time of regeneration.

Dr. Hauschka Body Care
feel mindfulness

In developing the Dr. Hauschka products the whole person is considered with his needs: What ingredients make the destination application form, best release just this inner connection again? Because every skin care product, it is an oil, a lotion, a shower or a bath, has a unique character by its consistency. The Dr. Hauschka Body Care opens up numerous opportunities to experience the quality of care to themselves.
The conditioning oils for example, unfolds the effectiveness of medicinal plants by the combination of formulation and mode of application. Lotions again, it is the interaction of aqueous and oily ingredients that can flourish the versatility of the medicinal plants used. This lightness and vitality transmitted as pulse on body and soul.

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Care
The power of renewal

The knowledge and the strength to renew stored in your cells every 28 days to renew the cells of your skin. This natural rhythm is studied, respected and promoted in Dr. Hauschka. From rich oils and carefully combined medicinal herb extracts care pulses are created which initiate and promote the regeneration cycle of your skin. Your skin will be encouraged to retain moisture and to tighten.
In any Dr. Hauschka product for mature skin is a specific composition. The regeneration day cream around gives you a noticeably new and smooth feel while the regeneration reduces neck and décolleté cream wrinkles. The regeneration body balm absorbs quickly and gives a tighter skin feeling.

Dr.Hauschka Med
The care that understands special needs

Whether extremely dry skin with itching, tingling lips or inflammatory gum: The three series of Dr.Hauschka Med to meet specific needs in your skin, tooth and lip care.
Many herbal ingredients have been proven in medical care: For example, helps the pressed juice of mesembs even soothe neurodermitic skin and reactivate its natural barrier. The moisturizing factors the ice plant also similar to those of human skin and can this long term help to retain moisture independently.

Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics
Nourishing decorative accents

Beauty is radiance. And you can not apply, but underline confidence. Whatever your style is: The maintenance is in no product of decorative cosmetics of Dr. Hauschka too short. High quality oils, waxes and silk powder are combined with carefully selected medicinal plants. This makes them so compatible and recommends them for contact lens wearers.
Shimmering pearl white or deep blue ultramarine - nature produces the most beautiful colors. For decorative cosmetics, Dr. Hauschka concentrated on color pigments of mineral origin and derives therefore from a true treasure. All colors are wonderfully light and lively and deploy on any skin a unique nuance. Mica is extra sparkle, conjured genuine silk an airy finish, which can breathe freely your skin.